Today is the third training session for my new toilet slave. The first time (see HIS FIRST SCAT MEAL) he was only able to swallow three small pieces of my precious shit; the second time (see TRAINING MY NEW TOILET SLAVE Pt 2) he did a little better. Today I want him to eat ALL my shit, otherwise he will be dismissed from my harem. He knows that and promised to to make every effort to please his Mistress. Let’s see!!!!! I have positioned him in a new device: his neck is blocked by a wooden board, his hands and his spread legs are chained behind him. I know, his position is not the most confortable, but I don’t care: a slave cannot expect to be comfortable. First of all, I pee in a bowl; it’s my first morning pee, dark yellow and very strong. Now I’m going to shit just in front of his face so that he can see and smell everything. Here is the first small piece of shit; I take it with a spoon directly from my ass, before it falls, and shove it into his mouth. He starts chewing and then he swallows. The second piece comes out slowly from my ass and I immediately spoon-feed it to the slave. Now it’s time for a refreshment: I put a straw ih his mouth so that he can drink my piss directly from the bowl. Soon comes the third piece, followed by another drink. The last piece is really a big one!!! It completely fills his mouth and is hard to chew and swallow; but I’m not in a hurry and I patiently wait for him to eat everything. A good sip of pee is now well deserved. The training of this toilet slave is progressing well. Today he was able to eat all my shit, even if, actually, it was not too much. Now he’s ready for the next challenge!!!!!